2019 – 2023 Cinemadamare, Italia

2020 – 2022 UniCinema Sentieri Selvaggi, Roma

2020 Acting class at Ivana Chubbuck’s Studio, Los Angeles

2015 – 2019 Laboratorio teatrale Teatro7 diretto da Marco Zadra

2014 – 2015 Corso di canto Soundville, Roma


2018 – 2019 Rumori Fuori Scena directed by Marco Zadra

2018 Trappola per topi directed by Marco Zadra

2017 Sarto per signora directed by Marco Zadra

2017 Zadriskie Point directed by Marco Zadra



2023 Lost within directed by Edouard Lemiale

2023 Il Rincontro directed by Stefano Cacciavillani

2023 Think about something directed by Steven Kemps

2022 Backfire directed by Agustin M. Rocha & Steven Kemps

2022 L’eroe del paese directed by Lorenzo Baldi

2022 Un lavoro a tempo pieno directed by Agustin M. Rocha

2022 Any of us directed by Agustin M. Rocha

2021 Sangue nella baia directed by Ian Sproul

2021 Giorgia directed by Marguerite Lefranc & Edouard Lemiale

2021 F**k Margot Robbie directed by Ian Sproul

2021 It’s gonna be amazing directed by Aurora Beniani

2020 MIMO directed by Giovanna Cassese



2023 Memories calling directed by Steven Kemps & Allan Karen

2022 Who to love directed by Giorgio Testi









Place and date of birth: Roma 09/05/1999

Age range: 20-25

Height: 177 cm (5.8 ft)

Hair: blond

Eyes: brown

Languages: Italian, English

Accents & Dialects: Romanesco

Sports: Rugby, Pallavolo (Volleyball), Atletica leggera (Athletics), Snowboard, sub (scuba diving)

Skills: canto (singing), chitarra (guitar), fotografia (photography)

Based in: Rome, Italy

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