2013: “Ago Bianca e …Uno e basta” directed by Michele La Ginestra.

2016: “Nemico pubblico” directed by Claudio Bozzatello.

2022: “New Life” directed by Ivan Polidoro



2010/2017: “Titanic”, “I Fuoriclasse”, “Sogno d’una notte di mezza estate”, “Siamo parole”, “Storie di guerra”, “Bar 7”, “Apparenze,” directed by Tiko Rossi Vairo

2018: “Perversioni sessuali a Chicago” directed by Alessandro Cecchini

2018: “Romani de Roma e Cuore a gas” directed by Andrea Martella

2019: “Evaristo” directed by Alessio Manuali

2019: “Ago, Bianca e…” assistant director for Michela La Ginestra

2019: “Love song” directed by Virginia Franchi

2019: “Il giardino dei ciliegi” directed by Virginia Franchi

2021: “Il mago di Oz” directed by Lorenzo Gioielli

2021: “Matrioska” directed by Gianpiero Rappa

2022: “Dal cuore delle città invisibili” directed by Bartolini/Baronio

2022: “Che è, che non è” directed by Frosini/Timpano

2022: “Se il cuore non mi tiene” directed by Virginia Franchi

2022: “Adulteide” directed by Flavia Prugnola e Giancarlo Porcari

2022: “Matrioska” directed by Giampiero Rappa

2023: “Matrioska” directed by Giampiero Rappa



2019: “Blackout” directed by Camilla Zanini and Michela Terzaghi



2019: “Resto Fermo” directed by Saturno Adesso

2022: “Come se ballassimo” directed by Andrea Pasqualini



2015: Stage of improvisation and control of actor’s emotionality with Andrea Martella at the Teatro 7

2010-2016: Theater workshop directed by Michele La Ginestra and Sergio Zecca at Teatro 7

2016-2018: Intensive seminar with Vincent Riotta

2017: Improvisation stage directed by Alessio Inturri at the Teatro Petrolini

2018: Acting course directed by Alessio Manuali at Teatro 7

2018: Acting school “Laboratory of scenic arts” directed by Massimiliano Bruno

2019: Stap Brancaccio school and performing arts directed by Lorenzo Gioielli

2020: Intensive dance theater masterclass with Biagio Caravano, winner of the UBU 2019 award, founder of MK

2020: Intensive seminar held by Elena Arvigo, work on the figure of Hamlet

2020: Intensive seminar on storytelling and object manipulation with Fabrizio Pallara

2021: Seminar on artistic design with Luca Ricci

2021: Drama workshop with Michele Santeramo

2022: Acting teacher at Teatro 7 Off

2022: Graduation at Stap Brancaccio school and performing arts



Place and date of birth: Rome, 14-04-1997

Age range: 20-30

Height: 170 cm (5.5 ft)

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Languages: Italian, English

Accents & Dialects: Perugino, Romano, Napoletano

Sports: tennis, artistic gymnastics, horseback riding, competitive swimming, volleyball, beach volley, karate, gym.

Skills: singing, piano, guitar.

Based in: Rome, Italy.

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